President- Elect Donald Trump Will Expire All Federal Housing Subsidies In NYC by 2018 Along With Public Assistance And Medicaid


November 11, 2016/ By Jett Rubenstein

I have received information from a reliable source, that President Donald Trump will pass a law in 2017, to expire all federal housing subsidies and grants in New York City, which will convert all NYCHA units to fair market, in order to balance the federal budget for 2018. Trump also plans to eliminate public assistance, food stamps, Medicaid and Women Infant Children,(WIC) which is a free milk program to low-income families and expectant mothers.  According to reliable sources close to Mr Trump, all federal housing subsidies and government grants which support affordable housing programs will be discontinued, leaving approximately 2 million NYCHA residents to pay fair market rents from 2,000 for a studio apartment to a whopping 6,000 for a 3 bedroom public housing apartment. I have contacted sources at NYCHA and the Mayors office, who will not confirm or deny these reports and would not comment. Of course, if I receive any further details, I will update this information on my blog.


Author: jettrubenstein

Blog writer originally from Boston. Harlem Resident. Former Daily News writer.

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